Introducing... Budget Baby Essentials!

Hey mummies and daddies!

Let’s see if you can relate: I’ve spent appalling amounts of money on multiples instances on various baby items, only to realise later that for the same price or less, better items could have been purchased instead!

And then I’m stuck with a difficult choice:

  • Do I buy the better option and consider the money spent previously wasted?
  • Or do I muddle along with what I have?
baby crying
Why didn't I get the better option from the beginning?

It shouldn't be this way!

Which is why there will be a new series of posts on Scrunchy Mummy! 

Find them all at the bottom of this post! 



Budget Baby Essentials!

Budget Baby Essentials will focus on information I wish I had when I was making baby purchases.

  • What features to look out for in the baby essential
  • Why you should be looking out for those features
  • Recommended options based on your budget! (So you’ll get the best bang for your buck!)

For each baby essential, there will be 3 categories:

Budget – Best value for money. Essentials with all the essential features!

Better – For the little extra features you can’t live without, this category balances cost with function

Best – More expensive does not always mean better, but items in this category will have premium features for an according premium, so you know you are getting what you pay for!

Whether you are a new parent, a parent on a budget, or just a savvy buyer, I hope there will be something in this series for you! 

P.S. Do drop a comment on this post if there is a particular item you would like me to include in the series first! I would love to hear post suggestions!

Budget Baby Essentials Posts

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